BLACK DECKER BM3B Battery Charger Review (6v & 12v)

Product Name: BLACK DECKER BM3B 6V Battery Charger

Manufacturer: Black & Decker

Model No. : BM3B


BLACK DECKER BM3B Battery Charger Review (6v & 12v)

BLACK DECKER BM3B Specification

  • Easily maintain 6V and 12V batteries.
  • AGM, GEL and WET batteries compatible.
  • Easy connection with O-ring terminals.
  • Automatically changes between charging mode and float mode monitoring.
  • Moisture and dust protection sealed.
  • DC Plug Supported.
  • ETL / CEC Compliant.



Nothing more frustrating when you ready for weekend long trip or fishing but your car engine, not starting because of a dead battery.

But if you are having Black and Decker charger maintainer then you will never run out of battery, as it will take care of your worries and thinking if the battery is dead or out of power.

3 Ways to connect BLACK+DECKER BM3B

1. Battery Clamps
2. O-Rings
3. DC Plug

1. How to connect with battery clamps
Just plug clamps like below picture in right terminal and turn on the switch. If you plugged the wrong terminals then the charger will automatically indicate with blink light for right terminals so you don’t need to worry.

BLACK DECKER BM3B Battery Charger Review (6v & 12v)

2. O-Rings
This is one of the best ways to charge your battery if you are going to charge it for a long time or during off season.

Check this video to connect correctly.



3. DC Plug

DC plug used when you want to charge your battery from inside your vehicle. Just connect like below pic and leave one wire for DC plug so whenever you want you can easily charge it from inside your vehicle.

BLACK+DECKER BM3B 6V and 12V Battery Charger : Maintainer


Pros Cons
Reverse Polarity Protection No Waterproof
ETL / CEC Compliant
Easy to use switch between 6v to 12v
Good Quality
Enough Cord Length
Blinking light indicator for fully charged battery
BLACK+DECKER BM3B Warranty & Support

1 Year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty does not cover in case of careless handling, misuse, and lack of considerable maintenance.

Support: Baccus Global T: 877-571-2391 (Mon-Fri 9:00AM-5:00PM EST)

Frequently Asked Question
  1. what is float voltage in charger?
  2. How fast it can charge the battery?
    It totally depends on the size of a battery and how fast it drains. Normally charging speed is 1 amp which is considerable and enough.
  3. What is the length of cords?
    5 1/2 ft.
  4. Can it charge fully dead state battery?
    Yes, it may take a little longer time to charge fully dead state battery but you can easily give power to your dead battery and it’s awesome for such a low-cost battery.
  5. What blinking light indicates?
    Blinking green light means it’s charging and for solid green light battery is fully charged.

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