BLACK DECKER BC6BDW 6 Amp Charger Review


Manufacturer: Black & Decker

Model No.: BC2BDW



BLACK DECKER BC6BDW Specifications

  • Completely Automatic.
  • Waterproof.
  • Fully covered seal to protect dust, oil, and moisture.
  • Clamps and DC plug Charging.
  • Easy Charging.
  • Blinking lights for reverse polarity fault/led fault led, charging complete led and battery charging indicator.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Mounting brackets.
  • DC plug for charging inside or out.
  • ETL / CEC Compliant.

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The BLACK+DECKER BC6BDW 6 Amp battery charger special designed for fast, high performance and maximum efficiency.

It’s sealed protection helps to prevent from corrosion, moisture, and dust to keep your battery maintained with optimum capacity even in off season.

A dead battery could be really annoying when planning a long trip in a car or going to fishing in your boat but engine not starting.

It can automatically detect and maintain maximum power in your battery so whenever needed your can use it.

Its outer case is fully covered and protected with a seal to secure from water, dust, oil or any kind of weather effect exposure.

Fully automatic technology helps you to stop worrying about maintenance, over charging, low battery things. BLACK DECKER BC6BDW cord is long enough if you want to charge your battery outside your vehicle.

BLACK+DECKER BC6BDW 6 Amp Waterproof Battery Charger reviews

You can use DC plug to use this charger to charge your battery from inside your vehicle by connecting one end with vehicle’s accessory outlet.

also, check this another Black Decker waterproof model BC2WBD.


Pros Cons
0-6 Amps Power  No Engine Start Feature
Outer Seal protection to prevent from dust and moisture
All AGM / GEL / WET batteries supported
Long Cord Wire

For engine start feature check Black Decker BC15BD here!


Black & Decker BC6BDW comes with full Two-year home use warranty against any defects in material or manufacturing. The defective product you can be replaced or repaired in following cases.

The first, which will result in exchange only, you can return the product to the retailer from whom it was purchased. You must show proof or bill or purchase. Returns should be made according to the retailer policy which usually is 30 to 90 days.

The second option is you can take the product to Black & Decker owned authorized service center and get it repaired in given warranty time.


Support:  Toll-free number: 1-1800-5440-6986


Frequently Asked Question

Can I leave remained plugged in?

Yes, you can.

Can I use on 220 Volts?

No max you can use 120Volts only.

Can I charge my 7ah lead acid batteries?

Yes, you can charge any size of Lead Acid or dry batteries.

Does it overcharge the battery?

No, That’s why it works as battery maintainer it’s fully automatic and itself will stop when the battery is full top up.

What is the length of AC power cord?

6 feet

Does it have blinking lights?

Yes, one when battery charging and one when it just maintaining.


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