BLACK DECKER BC15BD 15 Amp Bench Battery Charger Review

Product Name: BLACK DECKER BC15BD 15 Amp Bench Battery Charger

Manufacturer: Black & Decker

Model No. : BC15BD



BLACK DECKER BC15BD Specification

  • Fast and high frequency technology.
  • 3 stage charging.
  • Automatic Charging with one touch.
  • LCD Display.
  • Battery Voltage check option.
  • AGM, GEL and WET automotive compatible.
  • 40 Amp engine start feature.




If you are having problems with your old battery which takes hours to fully charge and die quickly then Black & Decker 15 Amp Bench Charger could be a life saver when you stuck somewhere on road and vehicle not starting.

How to charge?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 you just have to connect the battery charger clamps to the battery terminal and push charge button.
That’s it, it will automatically start charging the battery for max optimum performance with high-frequency technology.


BLACK+DECKER BC15BD works on 3 stage charging technique

1. Automatic switching from fast charge
2. to Top off
3. to Trickle Charge

You can use this battery charger for other machines like jet skis, generators or lawn tractors etc.

It comes with digital LCD screen which shows the status of charging with easily understandable icons.

What if you connect cables to the wrong terminals?

Don’t worry, the LCD screen will indicate you for right terminals.

This is fully automatic so you don’t need to select battery type, voltage etc.

It’s patented Engine Start Timer can boost your vehicle battery in 8 to 10 minutes.

The charger is ETL Certified for performance and safety.


Pros Cons
One Touch Automatic Charging No Waterproof
One Touch Automatic Charging Could be a longer cable for power
Battery Recondition Feature  
Engine Start Feature  
Good Quality  
Easy to use switch  
Blinking light indicator 



2 years warranty against any kind of defects in product, material or manufacturing.
You can replace or repair your defective product at free of cost by following ways.

You can exchange your product with in 30 to 90 days if any defect or it’s not working properly.

Make sure you check retailers specific exchange policy during purchase.

The second way is you can repair at free of charge or replace if needed at BLACK+DECKER Authorised Service Center.

Note: Proof of purchase is required in both the cases.

For more details, you can contact
T:800-231-9786- Warranty
(Mon-Fri 8:30AM-7:00PM EST)
T: 800-738-0245- Parts and Accessories
(Mon-Fri 8:30AM-7:00PM EST)

This warranty does not apply to accessories.


Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the length of cord that connects to the battery?
The length of cord is 4′ feet.

2. What is the maximum input voltage for the charger?

3. Does device have anything to keep it cool?
Yes, it has a fan which keeps it cool.

4. How much Maximum battery amp it can handle.

5. If a battery is driving load can we leave the charger connected?
It’s okay if it’s small load otherwise it’s not a good idea.

6. Does 15 amp be sufficient to charge my car battery?
15 amp is totally fine.

7. Do we need to push any button to start charging or it’s fully automatic?

After you plugged your battery correctly charging will start automatically after 1 min. though you can also push button.



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